Seasons Retreat

  • Welcome to Seasons Seasons is a meeting facility where guests come together in dialogue to identify strategies, create solutions, and develop community Image Credit: Fetzer Institute

  • Outside at Seasons The atmosphere of the meeting place, the attitudes of the participants and the process that creates the shared meanings are all critical in establishing the soil where the seeds of our creativity can take root and grow. Image Credit: Fetzer Institute

  • The Meeting House Seasons includes a meeting house, 24 individual lodging units, a group dining room, a shared living room and other informal gathering spaces Image Credit: Fetzer Institute

  • Understanding the Environment The structures that comprise Seasons were designed with materials from the Great Lakes basin and with as little impact on the surrounding woods as possible Image Credit: Fetzer Institute

  • Staying at Seasons We care deeply about making your stay at Seasons a time that nourishes your soul and allows you to be fully present to the work you are called here to do. Welcome to a place of reflection and dialogue. The Fetzer Institute,¬†Guest Services Staff Image Credit: Fetzer Institute