We Welcome Dan Cardinali to Our Board

In serving our mission, we know we can’t do it alone. It’s so much bigger than we are, and we do it best in community. This is why we are so happy to welcome Dan Cardinali, president and CEO of Independent Sector (IS), as a new board member. “Dan’s deep spiritual grounding and his passionate commitment to building community and bridging divides are essential resources for our shared vision of a more loving world,” is the way our own president and CEO, Bob Boisture, put it.

Dan's work at IS focuses on empowering organizations to work collaboratively to improve life and the environment for individuals and communities around the world. And as for Independent Sector, it's the only national membership organization that brings together nonprofits, foundations, and corporations seeking to advance the common good. 

When we asked Dan what inspires him and why he said yes to joining the Fetzer board, he said, “We live in a pluralistic world that has many ways of finding truth and expressing love. Fetzer’s clear-eyed vision for building the spiritual foundation for a loving world is simply worth dedicating myself to and allowing it to animate my personal and professional commitments.”

It’s just this kind of empowerment and collaboration that is required for us to live into our mission to help “build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.” When describing the reasons for asking Dan to join our board, Trustee Carolyn Brown shared her insight that Dan "brings invaluable qualities of soul, a sensitivity to the humanity of others, and an inquisitive, open-minded approach to matters of ultimate concern.” 

We look forward to our work together. Welcome, Dan!

Read more about Dan Cardinali here.