September Practice: Just Like Me

Connections, Practice | democracy, spirituality, unity

September 01, 2017

Close-up of eyes of two women

Photo: Soroush Karimi via Unsplash

With this practice, we invite you to join us in tending to the spiritual foundation of our democracy. We believe that democracy as a way of life can be strengthened and deepened through spiritual practices—both those traditionally considered to be "inner work" and those that require active engagement with our neighbors and communities. In partnership with our friends at Spirituality & Practice, we will share monthly practices and a collection of rich resources selected to help us all “practice democracy” from the inside out. This first practice in the series, “Just Like Me,” focuses on our commonality, our unity, which is foundational to finding ways to reach across real and imagined divides.

This month, use the phrase "just like me" to signify your unity with others. Whenever you find yourself making an assessment of another person, whether you are saying something critical or something complimentary, right after you think or say it, add the statement "just like me." For example, "My partner is so stubborn, just like me." "My friend is so generous with her time, just like me." "She holds too many grudges, just like me." "He is so creative, just like me."

As you include yourself in these judgements and evaluations, notice what comes up for you. When you include yourself in a compliment or criticism, how do you feel? How does this practice impact thoughts about yourself? Others?

Stay tuned for upcoming practices on listening, service, civility, and more, that will help us tend to our own and each other’s hearts, and in turn, the heart of American democracy.