Power of Community

Young people going down an escalator

Global Spirit

How are spiritual communities changing in the 21st century? How do they ignite or support positive social change? How are young people expressing their spirituality? And how do we create or cultivate a “sacred space”? With our partners at Global Spirit, we continue to explore the sacred through a new program, “The Power of Community,” debuting on LINK TV* November 8. In it, author, and spiritual director to many of New York’s homeless youth, Adam Bucko, and Buddhist teacher and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care, Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, share their insights and experiences as part of Christian contemplative and Zen Buddhist communities.

The program explores what it's like to live in a spiritual community, both the challenges and the potential to transform individual and collective consciousness, and catalyze positive societal change.

“For us, from the very beginning, our commitment was to create a space in which people when they come in, they just feel loved,” says Adam Bucko, co-founder of the Reciprocity Foundation. 

"And I think there is something about cultivating that space that evokes certain qualities in us, that reminds us of our potential, of the qualities that are sometimes maybe buried in us, but that are there.”

As part of this partnership we invite you to use this resource of seven short clips and questions for reflection. Use this resource for personal reflection, as a writing exercise, or with others in a conversation format. 

*Link TV is available in all 50 US states on DISH NETWORK Channel 9410 and DIRECTV Channel 375.