January Practice: Potentiality

Practice | potential, passion

January 02, 2017

Blue flower with blurred background

Photo: David Skyrius via Pexels

I listen to the silence I have in the past called inertia. What I hear is almost a voice in the hollowness…it is the calling of talents and potentialities that wait to bud in the dark recesses of ourselves, beneath the static and cacophony of everyday life. —Dawna Markova, “I Will Not Die an Unlived Life”

Potentiality: the ability to develop or come into existence

Sometimes a new day or a new year is just the invitation we need to propel us past our fears, past real and imagined obstacles, to surface or resurface our voice, gift, or longing. Each moment, there is potential to begin something new or revisit something we abandoned yet still calls to us. We can gather up resources—our ideas, our passions, our abilities, our focus—and use them to follow our bliss, to reveal what’s true for us, to share our creative gifts, and to make a positive difference in the world.

What is still inside you that seeks expression? What has been dormant and is now awakening? What needs a little nurturing, a little coaxing to emerge? What potentialities have remained in the shadow, ready to bud?

It may not take much more than listening, being receptive to the whisper that is easily drowned out by the “cacophony of everyday life.” It’s tempting, in the first days and weeks of the new year, to see an abundance of time stretching out before us and retreat, miss the whisper, let that pull to nurture our potential go ignored. We are all the poorer when we do that. So, this month we focus our practice on tending that seed of potential in each of us, calling it forth, honoring it.

What seeds of your own potential await your nurturing? If you’re inclined, we invite you to share!