April Practice: A Beauty Stroll

This practice was developed for the Fetzer Institute by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, directors of Spirituality & Practice.

To ponder
In Wild Communion: Experiencing Peace in Nature, Ruth Baetz suggests that a loving relationship with nature is possible if we put aside our reason and open our hearts.

To try
Here is one of her practices:

"Everywhere I stroll I say, 'Hello, beauty,' or 'You're magnificent, beauty.' Each time there is a rush of recognition and delight.

I walk on a carpet of gold witch hazel leaves, breathing on the sweet scent of the tree's strange spidery flowers. I put my face into a branch full of red maple leaves and kiss one. I study an intricately curled brown leaf hanging limply on a peach maple tree.

I walk into the arms of my favorite bright yellow tree. 'Hello, beauty. I know you're fleeting in my life. I know as a human animal with limited capacities I can't hold you, but I thank you for being here today.'"

Your turn
What natural “wonder” captured your attention recently?